New Rx Groups, FM Channels, DTMF & BM TAC TGs

  • New FM Repeater Channels:
    • Shift -9,4 MHz
    • Groups: FM Repeater 8 – 9
    • Frequencies: 439,6000 MHz – 439,9875 MHz
  • Enabled DTMF Keyboard on all FM channels
    • Just activate DTMF keyboard via menu or button preset (Conventional->Buttons->Your Button [chose DTMF Keyboard]
  • Added Brandmeister Tactical Talkgroups (Source):
    • TS1 26200 TAC 1
    • TS1 26299 TAC 2
  • Switched to different Rx Groups for TS1 and TS2

To reduce the TGs per Rx Group and giving the user the opportunity to add an individual set of Rx TGs, I separated the TS1 and TS2 Rx Group and sorted a bit out.

This setting is applied to all DMR Repeater Channels.
Feel free to add/remove TGs.
If you don’t delete them (just edit!), there will be no harm to the channel configuration.

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