BETA Cluster Codeplug [DL only]

I created a bunch of Codeplugs in status beta with (german) Cluster integration.

If you don’t know what clusters are and how they work, please have a look at these sites:

The Codeplugs are based on following FW and CPS versions:

FW: V8.05.07.004
CPS: V8.05.06.011.EM5

The Cluster CPs can be downloaded here:

Cluster Codeplugs

AR685 Firmware Version 8.00

This week the firmware version 8.00 for Hytera AR685 was released!

With this version you are able to use the “Send Talker Alias” feature.

Please contact your Hytera distributor to get these CPS and firmware files.
I can not send you these files or links, due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 🙁
Complains about this behaviour should be addressed at your distributor..

You can find the files on the official support page at Difona:

Thanks Difona for publishing!

I’m working on a new codeplug for the new firmware version, stay tuned.

DMR-MARC API & Grid Locator

== EN ==
Maybe some so of you noticed the increase of total repeaters on my DMR Repeater list ( and in the Android App.

I found a solution to enrich the raw data from the DMR-MARC API with the mandatory geo location information.
Additionally the grid locator will be shown at the QTH from now.
In the Android App will it be visible soon too, we are testing the new release.

== DE ==
Vielleicht haben einige schon den Anstieg der Gesamtrepeater auf meiner DMR Repeater Liste ( und in der Android App bemerkt.

Ich habe eine Lösung gefunden, um die Rohdaten aus der DMR-MARC API mit den notwendigen Standortinformationen anzureichern.
Zusätzlich wird der Grid-Locator ab sofort beim QTH mit angezeigt.
In der Android-App wird es auch bald sichtbar sein, wir testen die neue Version.

New Rx Groups, FM Channels, DTMF & BM TAC TGs

  • New FM Repeater Channels:
    • Shift -9,4 MHz
    • Groups: FM Repeater 8 – 9
    • Frequencies: 439,6000 MHz – 439,9875 MHz
  • Enabled DTMF Keyboard on all FM channels
    • Just activate DTMF keyboard via menu or button preset (Conventional->Buttons->Your Button [chose DTMF Keyboard]
  • Added Brandmeister Tactical Talkgroups (Source):
    • TS1 26200 TAC 1
    • TS1 26299 TAC 2
  • Switched to different Rx Groups for TS1 and TS2

To reduce the TGs per Rx Group and giving the user the opportunity to add an individual set of Rx TGs, I separated the TS1 and TS2 Rx Group and sorted a bit out.

This setting is applied to all DMR Repeater Channels.
Feel free to add/remove TGs.
If you don’t delete them (just edit!), there will be no harm to the channel configuration.

Android App updated

== DE ==
Seit gestern ist unsere Android App nun aus dem Alpha- in den Beta-Status gewechselt.
Dabei wurden ein paar kleinere Bugs behoben, aber auch ein paar von der Comunity gewünschte Features hinzugefügt.

== EN ==
Since yesterday our Android App has changed from alpha to beta branch.
Thereby some minor bugs were fixed, as well a couple of new community requested features added.